See You Surf

Find yourself while surfing.

SeeYouSurf is a website for surfer and photographer to find, sell and publish photo. The platform is online since 3 years now, but is messy and requires too much effort for any single task. SeeYouSurf definitely needs to redesign and simplifying the all experience. I was asked to redesign the entire User Experience, User Interface and Art Direction.

Business Goals

Become the platform that connects athletes and photographers. 
An easy way to find and buy photos, a community to share news, tips about location and other.

Peter, 24 y.o.
Web Developer, semi-pro surfer

"As Surfer I want to easily find my photos, collect them, adding to wishlist and buying it. "

Frank, 35 y.o.
Photographer and father.

"As Photographer I want to publish and sell photos or album, I want to tag people, I want to know where the people are gonna surf the next weekend. "


I sketched the first wireframes on paper discussing with the developers. I started with mobile, so I focussed on what’s fundamental for the users adding others elements increasingly with breakpoints. After that, I've designed more than 30 high fidelity wireframes to present the new UX. 


I use Style Guide for any project I work into. These encourage consistency in the visual identity and help keep the interface system as logical as possible, and designing a better UX. Style Guide communicate clearly the design system, the interface identity and UX to stakeholders. 

Style guides help improve communication of the interface and help avoid errors during the build process. Using style guides in the design phase streamlines the transition to build.