SMOK-INK is an educational path conceived for Humanitas Hospital, to prevent teens from smocking.

The experience features an infographic painted on a 60 square meters canvas with the poison extracted from 4000 cigarettes.The special ink was made to show the risks of cigarette's smoke and more precisely what happens when we start and when we quit.

Tela interaTela intera

I was involved to translate this incredible physical experience to the web.
I designed a simple website that gives to the users the possibility to surf the canvas.
With minimal interface, all the attention focused on the canvas.


At every setp an icon gives the user the possibility to discover all the masterpieces that inspire the


At the end of the exhibit we played this video that showed people that the entire installation
was drawn with a special ink obtained filtering cigarettes smoke into water.

The exhibit was held in Milan on the 10th of april 2013.
Many schools of Lombardia joined in.

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Digital Art Director


Epica 2014: 1 Gold Illustration - 1 Bronze Media Innovation

Cannes Lions 2014: 1 Shortlist Branded Content & Entertainment - 1 Shortlist Design

ADCI (Art Directors Club Italia): 1 Silver Other Media - 1 Silver Art Direction 1 Silver Illustration

NC AWARDS: 1 Gold Best Insight 1 Silver No profit - 1 Bronze Best execution

Artistic Directors First Floor Under: Francesco Guerrera, Nicola Lampugnani Creators and Curators Smok-Ink: Moreno De Turco, Mirco Pagano Artist: Gionata "Ozmo" Gesi Assistent: Mattia Turco Producer: Federico Fornasari Calligrapher: Virginia Ottina Account executive: Marianna Capua Creative Director Digital: Michele La Fiandra Web Developer: Chiara Villotta Art Director Digital: Federico Gatto Production: First Floor Under Experience Design: Dadomani Studio Video Maker: Flash Factory Music: Sheldon Cooper HUMANITAS Scientific consultancy: Dr. Armando Santoro, Humanitas Cancer Center Director Dr. Licia Siracusano, Anti Smoking Center Humanitas Cancer Center Dr. Margherita Autuori, Anti Smoking Center Cancer Center With the support of Humanitas.