The Office Service

A corporate service platform.

Tailor-made services on demand

The Office Service delivers high quality services within office environments. Among their clients you’ll find Uber, ING, Spaces, and many more. The platform makes the life of their users a lot easier by offering them services like Car Wash, Hairdressing, Dry Cleaning, Shoe- and Clothing Repair, Massages, and so on.

Their client base is growing rapidly as the demand for personal services is increasing. From big corporates to co-working spaces, the forward thinking organisations all want to improve their efficiency and The Office Service is doing their part to make this happen. With the Eli5 team we’ve built an innovative, scalable, and user centric platform that can be customised for every client.


I started this project collecting informations from the clients and interviewing some user. I’ve worked more than 35 hours on research, interviews and meeting with stakeholders.Due to the big amount of different services available I started with the affinity mapping and user flow. 

TOS_Mobile previewTOS_Mobile preview

The solution

To deliver these focused experiences we opted for a solution that would split the codebase for the different device types in a way that we could easily deliver a specific user experience without loading unnecessary data for your specific device. The different front-end flows communicate with a uniform API to deliver the functionalities. 

This divide of responsibilities also enabled us to set up the system in a way that is easily scalable due to the API doing most of the legwork. This setup is extended with an exhaustive, custom Content Management System that enables The Office Service to easily add services where needed, without any technical intervention. This way the client can quickly scale the delivery of their services to more and more companies.

TOS_Mobile screensTOS_Mobile screens
TOS_Desktp previewTOS_Desktp preview

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