Making participation easy and fast.

Supporting democratic leadership.

e-Democracy focuses on renewing participation of peers in organisational and environmental changes. They develop products and services that enhance and encourage participation within organisations and boards. They stimulate discussion and contribute to scientific developments by collaborating with universities as well.

wireframe edemocracywireframe edemocracy

The challenge

e-Democracy operated over five years with a hybrid app. This means that they had basically the same product for every mobile user, connected with an API to a dashboard e-Democracy managed themselves. Because their previous product had too many errors and lacked user experience the requested us to come up with a new UX, UI and build two native applications for both Android and iOS users. 

Together with the apps their dashboard needed to be build from scratch as well. Admin users needed to be able to create and manage accounts, polls and analyse results at any time.

TOS_Mobile previewTOS_Mobile preview

The solution

Because e-Democracy had over 5 years of user experience we started with analysing the results of this usage. Due to the first results e-Democracy requested a native Android & iOS application. Before starting the design process we created, together with e-Democracy, a test panel which we interviewed about their needs and believes concerning a revamp of the app. We collected all the user data in order to start our UX process. Once the first prototype was ready we asked the same users to experience the flow again. 

After we collected their feedback, we managed to finalize the design process for both iOS and Android applications. Following on the app design we started building the API. The API is making sure that when an admin is adding or editing companies, user data and polls changes are adapted in the apps. The API can be triggered by a custom build dashboard. The dashboard is now managed by e-Democracy themselves and will be, in the upcoming feature, customized for any company that is making use of the services of e-Democracy.

TOS_Desktp previewTOS_Desktp preview

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